About Us

“Without a core philosophy you’re not going to be able to hold on to your positions or stick with your process during really difficult times. You must fully understand, strongly believe in, and be totally committed to your philosophy.”
– Richard Driehaus, Driehaus Capital Management


The U.S. economy is a $19 trillion cauldron of constant change, both secular and cyclical. Demographic, regulatory, technological, economic, social and political forces constantly unleash challenges and opportunities on an array of industries.

Our strategies target innovation and “creative destruction” in corporate trends. We invest in high-performing growth companies taking advantage of change. We also emphasize the high returns available from short ideas, specifically our bets against speculative manias or waning franchises. For example: Long – Innovation and high free cash flow (cybersecurity, financial technology); Short – The U.S. college bubble, buggy-whip vendors, and financial engineers. Our approach combines macro tools such as volatility-based position sizing with in-depth fundamental research.


A Focus

Our portfolio managers have decades of investment experience including sector expertise and success before, during, and after the financial crisis. What sets us apart are unique investment ideas, disciplined risk management techniques and a portfolio construction processes proven to manage volatility and drawdown risks.