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Welcome to FlowPoint’s blog page. This is our opportunity to comment on a range of financial and general investing topics including market activity, interesting trends or data points. This is also where we will challenge commonly held investing shibboleths with hard data – myth-busting as we call it. We hope you enjoy it and we welcome your feedback.


“The whole purpose in life for forward looking markets is to get out of synch with backward looking fundamentals at turning points.” – Don Luskin.


Comparisons of 2020 to prior times in U.S. history are rightfully making the rounds. Market participants are always looking for analogs. Niall Ferguson’s piece today has an interesting compare to 1968 here. And today’s WSJ has a terrific piece on a compare to the...

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Should we be worried about CAPE, the popular Shiller Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings ratio? Experts tell us it is trading at exceedingly high levels and, the experts also say, those high levels portend poor stock returns, according to CAPE. We’ve thought about that...

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Last week, in a post about current equity market valuations, we identified the unwinding of QE as a possible threat to today’s bull market. Let us be clear: we don’t think the unwinding of QE (which has already begun, actually) will have any material impact on stock...

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