Outsourced CIO Solutions

FlowPoint’s OCIO platform can act as a leverage point for independent advisors, family offices, and other investment entities. We collaborate on the appropriate approach for your clients, enabling you to turn over the day to day investment management responsibilities. You maintain control over client relationships and focusing on strategic elements of the entity’s business.

For our partner firms, the FlowPoint OCIO platform looks to provide:

  • Operational leverage
  • Diminished compliance burden
  • Investment expertise across asset classes and styles
  • Dynamically managed asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Robust risk management and ongoing oversight
  • Investment thought leadership through co-branded commentaries, outlooks etc

Our dynamically managed, systematic, multi-asset approach balances specific client goals and objectives with market opportunities across global equities, debt, and alternative investments. Our integrated process of asset allocation, risk management, and portfolio constructive provide clients with a comprehensive investment solution in a transparent and efficient separate account package.




Outsourced CIO Platform Benefits

Closing the virtuous circle

1. Eases the RIA’s fiduciary burden

FlowPoint creates a pool of diverse strategies designed to satisfy 100% of client allocation needs

2. Simplification

Concentrated portfolios perform better and reduce clutter on client statements; most RIA’s over-diversify

3. Low-cost all-inclusive platform

No fee approach enables the RIA to retain margins

4. Customization

Possible with every client – FlowPoint has the ability to mimic or reproduce any index should clients so desire

5. Time savings

FlowPoint is continuously evaluating other managers and strategies – frees the RIA from diligence burdens to focus on gathering assets

6. Marketing support

FlowPoint’s staff of macro-economists and portfolio managers will create collateral material needed for client support and marketing


A Complete Product and Service Bundle

We can build you a CUSTOMIZED global investment platform that is designed to meet a wide range of investor needs so you can focus your attention on growing and managing your business.


Core Strategies

Broad, global strategies designed to meet any and all client suitability requirements

Customized Products

FlowPoint can create any type of customized product to meet any type of client request – from income portfolios not subject to duration risk, to a portfolio of private Limited Partnerships


With a macro-economist on staff, FlowPoint will create collateral materials needed to support any manner of client communications


We have a full-service trading desk that can handle all middle and back-office functions so you don’t have to – we take the headache off your hands


Enabling a Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing the CIO role creates efficiencies that allow the RIA to focus on growing and managing his or her practice.


Portfolio Management

FlowPoint creates the differentiated and high-performing strategies that set you apart from your competitors

Diligence Screens

We run multi-manager strategies now and have a massive database of evaluations on other managers and strategies – let us do the screening for you


Outsourcing is an access trade – plug into our network to get access to managers, strategies, and securities not available to other RIA’s


A Customized, Comprehensive Investment Platform

Diverse products allow for the construction of differentiated portfolios not offered by your competitors



Directional high-beta strategies

Mutual Funds

Volatility management tools to balance SMA exposure

Private Funds

Non-correlated absolute return opportunities

Custom Strategies

Targeted goal-specific solutions