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“Choosing individual stocks without any idea of what you’re looking for is like running through a dynamite factory with a burning match. You may live, but you’re still an idiot.”
― Joel Greenblatt
Long-Short U.S. Equity Model Signals

Proprietary insights on trend, momentum, credit spreads, volatility measures and market breadth. Weekly commentary on the individual models and the overall picture they present for market risk and opportunity. Click Here To Read Latest Research

Factor Watch

Our review of the quantitative “factors” upon which many investment models are built. We dive into which factors are performing and which are not. We track the most relevant: Dispersion, Dividends, Estimate Revisions, Growth, Leverage, Momentum, Quality, Sentiment, Share Buybacks, Short Interest, Size, Technicals, Value, and Volatility. Click Here To Read Latest Research


Proprietary analysis of the S&P 500’s Implied Correlation Index, which shows correlation between stocks in the market’s most widely followed index. Correlations are volatile, and help identify periods when active management, stock selection, and asset allocation (risk control) are paramount. Click Here To Read Latest Research

Sector Analysis

Which economic sectors are moving, by how much, and why. Includes our proprietary measures of relative strength and trend. Here we provide stock rankings and trade idea generation. Click Here To Read Latest Research

ETF Watch

We analyze ETFs that represent asset classes, country stock markets including our trend and relative strength analysis. Here too we also provide rankings and idea generation. Click Here To Read Latest Research

Thematic Investing

Reviews and analyses of selected FlowPoint investment themes such as our Stay At Home Index, our Reopening Index, cybersecurity, financial technology and shorting the private prison operators.
The U.S. economy is a $19 trillion source of constant change, both secular and cyclical. Demographic, regulatory, technological, economic, social and political forces constantly unleash challenges (Short opportunities) and opportunities (Long positions).
FlowPoint invests in innovation and “creative destruction” in corporate trends, emphasizing winners and losers in security selection. Not every investment theme we research is represented in the portfolio at all times – fundamental economic trends don’t always coincide with stock market opportunity. Click Here To Read Latest Research

Pair Trades

Market-neutral trading concepts that make use of creative destruction in our competitive economy or correlation convergence and divergence. For example: Long fintech/short banks. Click Here To Read Latest Research

A Few of Our Favorite Ratios

In this section we track the messaging from a few of our favorite ratios tracking asset allocation and style boxes. Click Here To Read Latest Research



Summary The week ended July 24, 2020 saw the S&P decline 1.06% and the index now stands about break-even for the year. Tech led the downturn last week including Intel, Citrix and Tesla all declining more than 10%. The market executed a “dash to trash”, scooping up...

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Summary Once again, stocks of companies with high debt, volatile share prices, “value” measures and high buybacks fared the worst of the U.S. market the week ended June 26, 2020.Reversing course, 93% (467 of 500) of stocks in the S&P 500 declined during the week...

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Summary 86% (432 of 500) of stocks in the S&P 500 rose during the week ended June 5, 2020. The “reopening” theme continued to gain steam, and financial leverage was the dominant factor. The highly indebted Oil Services group led the way, up 29% for the week,...

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FlowPoint Research – FACTOR WATCH Summary 91% (455 of 500) of stocks in the S&P 500 rose during the week ended May 29, 2020. The “reopening” theme was evident. For example, the top 50 performers in the S&P 500 included cruise lines, hotels, banks, REITs and...

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