Traditional, alternative, asset allocation and income strategies accessible via separate accounts & private funds.


“When short-term thinking and overly complicated statistics get involved, owning many companies that you know very little about starts to sound safer than owning stakes in five to eight companies that have good businesses, predictable futures, and bargain prices.”

― Joel Greenblatt


FlowPoint has a small lineup of unique strategies that we offer out to clients either as SMA’s or in private fund formats. Each strategy is defined to fill a specific allocation requirement in a client’s portfolio. We run concentrated portfolios because history shows concentrated portfolios give an investor the best opportunity outperform the indexes over time.

FlowPoint Capital Partners, LP

Long/short US equities. Limited leverage, low net exposure. Idea driven thematic investing based on creative destruction. Proprietary research drives evidence-based investments. Concentrated positions, proprietary risk tools limit position sizes based on underlying volatility of the target investment. Click Here For More Information & To Download Documents

Melcher Street Funding

Melcher Street Funding is a multi-strategy alternative investment vehicle that makes investments in public and private securities including various fixed-income instruments in the merchant cash advance market (“MCAs”), and via income share agreements (“ISAs”) in the education space. Generally speaking, approximately half the fund’s assets are invested in publicly-traded dividend paying stocks through a strategy known as “Dividend Capture.” The strategy’s other specialty finance activities include other forms of direct small business lending. The strategies goal is to pay out a fixed 9% annualized return to investors.

High Income

Can be accessed either through an SMA or private fund. Large-cap based fund, aims for a distributed dividend yield of 7%. No sector restrictions. Rebalances around dividend cycles. Click Here For More Information & To Download Documents


Private limited partnership. Impact investing fund designed to take advantage of the changes occurring in post-secondary education. Fund invests in Income Share Agreements (ISA’s) and Online Program Management (OPM). Hurdle rate of 5%, fund aims for 300 basis points higher than the yield on the high-yield ETF (HYG:NYSE). Click Here For More Information & To Download Documents

Congress Street Business Trust

A subadvised fund to which we allocate alternative income strategies. Focuses on originating high-yield, senior interim cash advances to merchants and small businesses throughout the U.S. Fund’s target return is 200 basis points over and above the yield on the high yield ETF (HYG:NYSE). The manager has provided for a first loss provision, and the fund has an initial one-year lock up period. Click Here For More Information & To Download Documents